Reflection Letter on Writing

I personally think that I have learned a lot about writing in this class. Such as how to do rhetorical analysis on not only other people’s papers and article but my own as well. This I believe will help me with a whole number of writing problems that I use to have. One of which is helping me to form my argument that I needed for my papers. I could spit out words onto a paper easy enough but by learning to break down someone else’s argument this helped me word and form my own, Just like I did with the first Short essay that we wrote. ¬†Another thing that I have significantly improved over the time of this class is my research abilities, The slavery paper definitely helped me understand how to research properly. Before this class I always lost when it came to finding good reliable sources that wouldn’t be thrown back into my face if I ever used them. You taught me how and where to look for good resources and this is something that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. You not only taught me how to find reliable sources but also how to cite them correctly. I never understood how to properly do it until recently.

One thing that I can still work on is organization and flow. In all of my papers you said this was my problem. I have always had a big problem with this however. This class did definitely help me a little with it but I could definitely keep working on it.

I can use most everything I have learned about writing in this class in almost all of my future classes as well as probably the rest of my life. Things such as rhetorical analysis and research are things that can help me with everyday life.

I will definitely continue to work on my organizational skills and flow but I will keep working on everything else I have learned as well. As I have already stated, most of the things we have learned can be used in everyday life, so I figure I might as well keep improving them.


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