Reflection Letter on Rhetoric Rationale

Paper 1

The paper that I chose to do this with is the narrative essay paper. In this paper I claim that every action that a person makes has a consequence that is either good or bad. I used a personal experience that I did one summer. In this incident I jumped into a hot tub and severely hurt my lower back. I used quite a bit of pathos in this paper, because I hit on everyone’s memory of doing something stupid that they probably shouldn’t have which resulted in themselves hurting themselves. I did not use much of logos besides that logical fact that if you jump into a hot tub you will hurt yourself. I definitely did not use any ethos because no one really cares about a dumb teenage boy from Utah. I believe even though I did not use very much logos or ethos I still go my point across. I demonstrated that doing something that may seem fun or insignificant may have serious unseen consequences later in the future.

Sense I only had pathos to really work with in this paper I decided that I was going to use a lot of imagery to help me tell my story. I figure that me describing a typical summer night and all of the sensations that I experienced would connect me on an emotional level with a lot of my audience because hopefully they kind of understood how I felt.

Paper 2

The second paper I Decided to use for this letter is my issue paper because I feel that it was one of my better paper I have ever written. In this paper I am trying to persuade people to start opening their minds and expanding from the hatred that is spread by religion. My arguments Use quite a bit of pathos because all of the subject I talked about are deeply tied to people’s emotions and feelings. My ethos was a little lacking because like I stated earlier no one really cares about a dumb teenage boy from Utah. However I do feel that I used a good amount of logos because I used logic to help explain problems arise from the hatred spread by religion such as discrimination against Gays and Women.

In this paper I used a lot of tone to describe to the audience what religion has been doing to people. I may have been a little harsh in some places but sometimes people need a little bit of tough love. I also used a call to action in my paper. I urged people to open their minds and to start doing research into their particular religion as well as all other religions across the world.


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